An award-winning Black Country business coach has written his first book to help people run their businesses more efficiently – and he’s offering free copies to businesses in the Black Country and Shropshire.

Think Smarter, Do Less, Get More From Your Business and Your Life, by Andy Hemming, is a practical guide to having more success, fun and fulfilment in business and in life.

Available on Amazon, Andy, who runs successful, multi-award-winning business coaching firm ActionCOACH Black Country, is giving away copies to Black Country and Shropshire business owners to celebrate its launch.

Andy, who has been consistently placed in the top 10 Action Coaches in the world since 2014,  says the book contains an overview of his business philosophy, developed from 14 years of business coaching.

“I’ve had the idea for a book for a long time,” said Andy.

“I’m passionate about helping managing directors and business owners to break through and get more success from their businesses. I’m also passionate about the Black Country – I come from the area, and I have first-hand experience of the drive and determination business owners in the area have. I want to help them succeed, which is why I’m prepared to give my knowledge away to them for free.”

Andy has worked with hundreds of businesses over the years, with turnovers ranging from £50k to £50m – but says regardless of their size, they often need to adopt the same basic philosophies to grow and succeed. He is a firm believer in working smarter, rather than harder.

He added: “Many people start their business with dreams of more freedom, more money or both. In reality, most just end up working harder, with their businesses running them instead of the other way round.

“People are so busy being caught up in the ‘doing’ of their business, they don’t have time to think. I know it doesn’t have to be that way. I always ask people how many good ideas do they have when they’re busy – and the answer is none. But when you have time and you’re relaxed, you can have loads.

“My new book gives people a blueprint to work to, explaining the changes they need to make to be able to achieve the success they desire.”

ActionCOACH Black Country, which works with businesses across the Black Country and Shropshire, was recently awarded UK Firm of the Year, Best Client Results and UK Coach of the Year for its managing director Andy Hemming in the national ActionCOACH UK awards.

To get a free copy of the book, call 01527 757 910, email or visit