ActionCOACH Black Country has ended the month on a high after its managing director Andy Hemming scooped a top industry award for the fifth year in a row.

Mr Hemming was awarded the ActionCOACH ‘UK Best Client Ratings’ once again, after first receiving the award in 2017.

The nationwide competition which took place at Jurys Inn, Hinckley on Friday 8th October 2021 saw more than 200 coaches compete for the accolade.

“I’m incredibly honoured and proud to have won this particular award again this year,” said Mr Hemming. “For me, this is one the most important awards of the night as it’s based directly on client feedback.

“We are very privileged here at ActionCOACH Black Country to work with some fantastic Black Country and Shropshire business owners and help them on their journeys through business.”

Mr Hemming is used to being recognised at this level after being consistently placed in the top 10 Action Coaches in the world since 2014.

He has a team of four which support him including Lewis Haydon, who two years ago went from being one of Mr Hemming’s clients to a fellow coach.

“Everyone here at ActionCOACH Black Country loves what they do and that’s why we get the results we do, said Mr Hemming.

“When I coach, I speak from a position of experience. I’ve been in these situations, I’ve lost my head and my business nearly went bust. I know what it’s like to not know where to turn and I understand the pain and panic that comes with that.

“I love what I do because I get to help others avoid making the same mistakes.”

The award is based on a Net Promoter Score which is used by companies all over the world to measure customer experience and predict business growth.

A world class NPS score would be considered anything above 30 with NFU mutual having the highest score in the UK with 70.

Mr Hemming has an NPS of 100 which means 60 of his clients were ‘extremely likely’ to recommend him.

One of Mr Hemming’s clients Elaine Bowman from SPA Technique said: “Previously business just happened as it happened. There was no view into the past, present or future. Mistakes were not looked at and analysed. Lessons were not learnt and mistakes were repeated again and again. Good employees felt worthless and as a result were lethargic and uninterested.

“Now a strong future driven approach is being adopted. Numbers are analysed with targets for more improvement. We now understand our business 100 per cent more than ever before. Employees are increasingly engaged and have a weekly forum to discuss problems in their department. Personally we as directors have learnt how to direct the business and the people within it. To take control of the problems and not to be afraid of making necessary changes.”

Another client, Tom Cullingford from Rubber for Roofs, added: “We’ve doubled in size, increased profitability all while I’m working less hours!”

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