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Andy Hemming’s clients get results. Not just for their business, but in their personal life too!  Andy has a track record of building businesses across the West Midlands and the UK for the past 12 years. Not only is he the Highest Rated Business Coach in the UK but amongst the top 10 ActionCOACH globally.  Andy’s coaching and teaching skills coupled with the Most Proven and Tested Business Growth System in the World has proven to be a recipe for success for clients, transforming their business into a much more profitable enterprise that works without them, giving business owners the opportunity to stay in business with a highly profitable company or  sell for a life-changing amount of money.


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Watch this video to find out how Andy Evans transformed his business by 300% turnover and profits through business coaching with Andy Hemming.

How well is your business rewarding you? — Is Your Business Working For You, Or… Are You Working For It?

The definition of a business is “a commercial, profitable enterprise that works without you.

It is often difficult to stay ahead of the game when you—as a business owner—are so caught up fire-fighting in the everyday small stuff.  A business coach with a good track record allows you to see the big picture, work towards what really matters (your goals), and gives you the training and motivation to make it happen.

As a business owner, business coaching allows you to become a stronger leader, giving you the ability to train, engage & grow your team.  New knowledge allows you to develop your sales & marketing.  Your own business coach will allow you to increase company profitability & efficiency, allowing your business to become desirable and free from financial strain.


UK’s Highest Client Rated Business Coach

All clients of Black Country Business Coaching scored the coach 10/10 for client satisfaction.

ActionCOACH Black Country go above and beyond when it comes to getting clients where they want to be.

Andy Hemming Business Coach West Midlands Black Country Worcester ActionCOACH Client Feedback Rating Satisfaction Awards

What Are The Clients Saying…



Andy Hemming is a multi-awarded executive and business coach. Andy gains recognition through his clients’ achievements for business growth, profitability, team engagement, and leadership, both on a regional and national level. He has consistently placed in the top 10 Action Coaches in the world since 2014. He has won West Midlands Coach of the Year every year since 2014.

Andy has been awarded Best Client Results for three consecutive years. And, in 2017, Andy was awarded UK Highest Client Ratings when he achieved a perfect 100 NPS score in an externally conducted client satisfaction survey of ActionCOACH clients across all UK coaches.  He repeated this score in 2018, and again in 2019, to retain the award for the UK’s Highest Client Ratings.

Prior to starting the business in 2007, Andy gained a diversity of business experience including training as a chartered accountant, gaining a marketing specialised MBA, and performing senior management roles in both sales and marketing strategy in the UK and globally.

His philosophy is two-fold:

  • First, he sees it as his privilege to join his clients on their journey – and is committed to his own personal development to help them develop themselves and become more effective leaders and business owners.
  • Second, he sees the world through a “less is always more” lens.  He values balance in his life–though not at the expense of results–and as such has created one of the most leveraged and profitable practices in ActionCOACH, all on less than 30 hours per week.

(Photo: Andy and clients at British Business Excellence Awards)

Why it can pay to hire Andy Hemming…

Let me ask you a question, “do you want to achieve your very best?” You see business coaching only works if YOU want to succeed, and YOU participate in your coaching programme… we know our system works, but it does require a committed attitude.

Here’s what YOU can expect from working with a globally top ranked business coach:

  • Amazement at how much money you’re leaving on the table right now through gaps in your business education
  • Clarity and sky high focus on what’s important
  • You’ll realise the maximum value from your business and grow an enviable personal income
  • You’ll be driven in the most profitable direction
  • A competitive edge over your competition leading to dramatically increased market share
  • Your leadership skills & knowledge will rapidly develop
  • The peace of mind that comes from a productive team, who you can count on to deliver results, while you relax
  • The satisfaction of achieving all you can through your business


International Client Awards

Coach of the Year 2014-2019
Best Client Results 2016-2019
UK Highest Client Satisfaction Rating 2017-2019

Andy Hemming has a proven track record of high performance coaching with business owners and their teams. Each award is given based on coaches client’s success. Meaning, that for the past years Andy has achieved the highest rating for his clients performing the best above all others. The awards are given based on client’s increased revenue, sales, profitability, and performance. The client company also receives an award based on performance amongst ActionCOACH clients. Could your business be up next for an award?

Results Guarantee

Since 1993, ActionCOACH has served thousands of businesses and their owners grow around the world. Business categories range from marketing to sales, manufacturing to service, and small businesses to franchise and large companies.

By showing owners how to get more time, better teams in their companies and more money on their bottom-line, ActionCOACH has grown to be the number one business coaching firm in the world, with hundreds of proven systems and strategies… guaranteed to get results (see ActionCOACH Guarantee).

With more than 1,000 offices in 59 countries, ActionCOACH delivers its proven business development systems to tens of thousands of business owners every week. Owners who turn to business coaching get the freedom and lifestyle they sought when they first went into business for themselves.

Since its inception, ActionCOACH has coached more clients, won more awards, gained more recognition and produced more profits than any other coaching company of its kind in the world.

Our simple and systemised approach to business has benefited business owners around the world with: more time; better teams within their companies; and most importantly, more money.

“Everyone Needs A Coach” —

Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google

No wonder coaching is still one of the fastest growing industries in 2017. No one would deny that Google’s a successful company. If Eric Schmidt, Google’s CEO, says everyone needs a coach, what might you accomplish with your own coach?

The Definition of Insanity is...

Doing the same things over and over again and expecting a different results.
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How far will you take your business?

Your business is the vehicle for your life! It is there to get you where you want to be, give you life you deserve BOTH financially and freedom of time. The challenge is for most that it needs to be set up in a way that it can deliver results not just for the business but for you personally.

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The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Take action today...