Ep4. Digital Marketing Secrets with Steve Hooper — And, what I would do differently if I did it all again…

What would you differently if you were start your business again? This is the question we ask to Digital Marketing expert Steve Hooper in today’s episode.

Steve Hooper is our guest today on the Black Country Business Podcast. Steve is the owner of Site Geeks, a digital marketing company here in the Black Country.
In the episode, business coaches Lewis Haydon and Andy Hemming ask Steve questions around his business success and what his key learning are from growing a successful digital marketing agency.
You will learn from this episode how Steve faced and overcome challenges in the digital marketing sector, and what is essential for a successful digital marketing firm to survive and thrive through challenging times.
You will also learn the keys to a successful digital marketing experience, that Steve has witnessed first hand through working with clients all over the West Midlands.
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To your success,
Lewis and Andy.