It’s easy to avoid tough conversations, simply because it’s the easiest option. However, what is it costing you and your business?

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What does being ‘NICE’ really stand for? Well it means ‘Nothing Inside Cares Enough’. It’s surprising how many business owners we work with that are just too nice to their employees and management team. So, what do I mean by that. Well I mean just not having the tough conversations where they are needed most, thus avoiding effective business communication. The conversations that will really make the difference in results. The conversations that will really make the difference in clarity. The conversations that will move the business and employees to a win/win, as opposed to a lose/lose.

Nice Business Management

So I want you to picture this. When it comes to business coaching, would you want a ‘nice coach’ that agrees with everything you say. Or, would you want a coach that can see your full potential and that will hold you (and your team) accountable to reaching your goals.

Now i’m pretty sure you would pick the latter. If not you’re reading from the wrong website.

So, here’s the question. Why are you choosing to be so ‘nice’ to your employees? Or… here’s a thought. Perhaps the environment your employees are in prevents them from being open and honest so they have to be ‘nice’ to you.

Being Held to the Flame

At the end of the day, we have to hold everybody to the flame to help them perform better. Do you not think people to perform better? Well unless we help them perform better how are they ever going to do that?

The challenge is that to perform better then it’s going to involve some tough conversations. Tough conversations however come with fear. Fear of having the tough conversation, and fear of the outcome. Remember though, what does ‘Fear’ really mean? Well in our terms, FEAR stands for “False Expectations Appearing Real”.

So these outcomes from the tough conversations may actually be of more benefit. The alternative to a touch conversation is being ‘nice’. The outcome of nice is… well… nothing. Nothing changes at all. And nobody gets better. In fact, without open, honest, and tough conversations, negative thoughts and feelings build up and escalate into bigger problems — leading to a bigger lose/lose for employee and business owner.

Tough Conversations, Lots to Lose, Lots to Gain

It all comes down to this. To have a tough conversation, something inside of you that cares enough must be greater than the resistance to have the conversation! If we are being too ‘nice’, nothing inside does care enough, and as a consequence we don’t move forward an we don’t achieve effective business communication.

If we do care enough, we realize that we are responsible for people’s growth and the company’s growth, and by actually having a tough conversation is a positive thing for everybody.

The reason we don’t have tough conversations is because it is out of our comfort zone. But we all know (or we should by now if you read our previous blogs) that we only grow when we’re outside of our comfort zone. So if you’re intention is right, a tough conversation with an employee or manager of your business could be the one thing your business has needed for years, even decades.

What tough conversations are you avoiding?


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