“You learn something new every day.”

I’ve heard that phrase thrown around so much in everyday life but not so much in the business world.

Might it be that when people have built a business and are making money from it, they don’t necessarily feel the need to continue to learn?

Andy Hemming, who delivered our ‘Recover – Grow – Prosper’ webinar last week, has worked with hundreds of Black Country businesses over the last few years, with some of the most successful being run by business owners who are open to grow their knowledge and enhance their awareness.

When I sat in on the webinar, there was a clear openness to learn. Light bulbs were going off left right and centre! It was inspiring to watch.

The attendees were an eclectic mix of businesses at varying stages of their business journey, all keen to achieve their goals and gain an insight into the strategies and tactics to take their business to the next level in today’s climate.

But global crisis or not, the reality is that the world is still turning and as it turns, the same process still applies. It’s just about adapting, pivoting and making decisions based on objectivity rather than subjectivity.

Some of the attendees commented that they needed to make changes to gain back control. One wanted a change in culture. One wanted to change the way they reached out to potential customers. See a pattern developing?

Change. Each business owner, though successful in their own right, were consciously aware that changes needed to happen within their business in order to get the life that they wanted.

It’s important to remember though – change can only happen when you get new knowledge. Where are you getting your knowledge?

By the end of the webinar session, those that attended had clarity about what they needed to do next, were able to more easily identify opportunities and had an understanding of how they were performing in relation to their goals.

Sound like something you could get on board with?

Having seen the impact of the last webinar and following the government announcement over the weekend, we have made the decision to run the same seminar for those that need support and a bit of a refocus.

Click here to book your place to ‘Think, Grow, Prosper’, taking place Monday 16 November at 9:30 am – 11.00 am.

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