One of the most common questions we get asked is “how do I grow my business?” Although we have all the proven strategies to so, there is one thing that stands out that determines business success. What path will you take?



We all get to the point in our lives or our businesses where we’ve started to ask ourselves the tough questions, “how do I grow my business”, how do I take it to the next-leve.  So we’re out of our denial, facing the truth in all its glory!  Then what?

How many times have you found yourselves in such a position?  You’ve asked the question… but then you have to answer it… and even take action!  How scary is that?  And how easy is it to just go back to how you were before you asked yourself the question, and pretend that everything’s OK again?

It’s called perturbation: That point at which we feel anxious, mentally uneasy, and we know that taking the action that REALLY needs to happen is going to be tough.  How many times have you been there?  What choice did you make?  Did you break through, or go back to how you were?  And if you went back to how you were before you asked the question, what’s changed?  Are you on course for where you really want to be?  

I’ve given you one of the dictionary definitions of perturbation:  anxiety or mental uneasiness.  That’s the bit that comes before you make the decision to act.  The other definition is: “a deviation of a system, moving object, or process from its regular or normal state or path, caused by an outside influence”.  That’s when you push through, commit to tough decisions and necessary actions and make a change.  If we didn’t need to make a change, we wouldn’t be asking ourselves the tough question in the first place, would we?  So if we don’t take the tough decision and the resultant tough action, chances are that we’ll be compromising something quite important to us.  So if we’re really committed to our goals, the only real choice is tough action, isn’t it?

Where are you experiencing perturbation in your life right now?  What choice will you make; the easy one, or the one which will help you achieve your goals?