In a world where we check our emails in bed, listen to the news on the school run and work through our lunch breaks to stay ‘informed’, it begs the question, where’s our off switch?

Real communication and human contact have been swiftly replaced by digital interaction, with truth and authenticity somehow getting lost in translation.

Switching off is an unheard concept for many. You feel out of the loop. Disengaged. Isolated even! Hence why we are always ‘on’.

The fear of switching off is real for many business owners. What if it gives our competitors the opportunity to swoop in? What if I miss an important meeting? Who do I trust to run the show without me?

But what’s the alternative? Keep doing what you’ve always done? Continue to work more hours on a business that isn’t rewarding you as it should be?

What would happen if you dedicated time to working on your business rather than for it? Imagine the possibilities if you just took the time to switch off. If you can’t take a few hours a month to focus on yourself and your business without your livelihood falling apart, it might be time to question how successful your business really is.

Our clients run businesses that can work without them. They work less hours. They earn more money. Their systems and employees operate more effectively and efficiently. And that is a fact.

Yes, there is a demand to evolve and grow but as our own clients have demonstrated over the past few years, growth comes from within. It comes from space and understanding. Both of which you’ll get when you start your ActionCOACH Black Country journey.

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