What is it that customers really buy? The belief is often that people go for the cheapest or most value, but today that belief is turned on its head when entrepreneur and business Connor Healy shares his story on how he has grown his business!

In this episode of the Black Country Business Podcast business coach Lewis Haydon interviews West Midlands based business owner Conor Healy — owner of Healy Fencing and Landscaping — on what his secret is to keep getting great customers wanting to do work with his business.

Connor shares his story and highlights key skills and traits that he has built into the culture of his business that allows his business to keep on growing through word of mouth marketing. In the podcast, Coach Lewis Haydon and Connor discuss the importance of building a great team that are strong communicators, understand emotional intelligence, and have shared values.

They also talk about ways that building vision and understanding the client has been one of the key drivers for Connor’s success.

This episode is packed full of takeaways for both new entrepreneurs and veteran business owners. Be sure to listen in to hear what Lewis and Connor discuss and pick up ideas on how you can do the same in your business too.

For more information on Connor’s business visit https://www.healyfencing.co.uk or connect with Connor on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram. We hope you enjoy the show.

To your success,

Coach Lewis Haydon

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