Podcast Episode 15. Putting Your Strengths To Work! How to recruit the RIGHT people and stand out from the competition, with Jeremy Conrwall (Bell Cornwall Recruitment)

What if you were to take the leap and build a business that was totally aligned to your strengths? What could you achieve…?

Now, what if in that business you also had a team of superstars that are all playing to their strengths? Well this is the topic of today’s Black Country Business Podcast, and, to share his wealth of knowledge—on putting strengths to work and employing great people—we have Jeremy Cornwall from Bell Cornwall Recruitment.
In the show, Jeremy highlights how having the right people in your organisation can help you achieve your goals faster. Jeremy shares with the Black Country community lessons he has gathered from past experience on what to look out for in recruiting great people, and how you can be sure you are getting the right person.
Being a business owner, Jeremy also shares his story on how he found his true strengths and put them to work, thus finding his passion for the recruitment industry.
Jeremy’s whole business adds a unique angle on how to recruit GREAT people into businesses, specifically around the West Midlands. Be sure to listen to this episode and grab a pen so you can take notes of what to look out for in hiring the right good employees and growing your business towards new levels of success.
If you would like to find out more, or if you have recruiting questions, then you can visit https://www.bellcornwall.com for more information.
To your success,
Lewis Haydon & Andy Hemming,
ActionCOACH Business Coaching Black Country & The Black Country Business Podcast
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