Episode 1: Higher Vision, Higher PROFITS! — How to build a business vision that will inspire your team and lead your business to higher success!

Ever wondered what takes a business from GOOD to GREAT?

In this episode we help business owners in and around the Black Country and West Midlands area with implementing one key thing that will really help their company become more engaged, get more clients, and become more profitable.
One thing all GREAT companies have in common is a superb vision. But why is having a vision in your business so important?  What does it do?  And, why should I care?
Well first of all, a great vision tells us (the business owner) and our team where we are going.  Just think… without a vision… we are all just turning up to work with no idea what we’re heading towards.
Secondly, a vision allows us to set new goals of what we should focus on in the business to achieve the outcome that we (the business owner) want from our business.
At the end of the day… we need to think about vision in this order:
1) What is my (the business owner) vision?  Why am I doing this and what do I want the business to pay me?
2) What does that vision look like for the business and my team?
3) Now we have a great business vision, it allows us to make better decisions on what actions to take to get there.  So what are those actions that will get us there?
Be sure to listen to this Podcast with Top UK business coaches Lewis Haydon and Andy Hemming who have helped many business owners achieve their vision across the UK.
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