Ep7. Lessons in Leadership and How to be Successful at Networking with Peter Higgs BNI

People do more business with people they know, like, and trust. In this weeks episode, we interview the man of networking himself Peter Higgs.

Peter Higgs is the BNI area director for Black Country, Birmingham, and the West Midlands. In this episode, Pete shares with us his background of leading teams in his corporate career and how skills of leadership and effective communication has led him to be THE top achiever for the most successful BNI (Business Networking International) franchise in the UK.
Coaches Lewis Haydon and Andy Hemming delve deep into what caused Pete’s success in BNI, and unfold how Pete’s approach to leadership and communication has led to more business being passed amongst BNI members than other areas of the UK.
In the episode you will learn:
• The networking skills that have proven to be most effective in the Black Country;
• Leadership skills that can be translated into any business to lead and inspire teams and managers;
• The keys to operating a successful business—specifically in the Black Country;
• How you too can harness networking to accelerate your business’ success.
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Enjoy the show.
To your success,
Coach Lewis Haydon
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