Ep6. Will the “New Normal” make you more successful?

What does the “new normal” have install for your business and your success?

In this episode of the Black Country Business Podcast, top UK business coaches Lewis Haydon and Andy Hemming discuss the impact COVID19 has had on business owners.
The “new normal” currently has a lot of talk across organisations. But why go back to “normal”?
Many business owners have had to survive and grow through COVID19. The lessons learnt have allowed business owners to become stronger and more adaptable. However, what would happen if businesses kept on having a growth attitude and go beyond the new normal?
What is possible for your business?
Be sure to listen to this episode and take lots of notes. The experiences Lewis and Andy share derive from hours of business coaching with businesses over the Black Country. Listen here to get ahead of the game.
Be great,
Lewis Haydon.
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