Ep5. How to Stand Out From the Business Competition

Ever wondered why some companies just seem to stand out and dominate their market place?

In this episode top UK business coaches Lewis Haydon and Andy Hemming discuss how great companies make an impact.  In this episode you will learn how you can transform your business from good-to-great by building a organisational culture that will leave an ever lasting impression on all your clients—and get them talking about you to all their friends.
Business culture is critical for a business to stand out. Culture influences the attitudes and conversations that happen around the workplace. In turn this influences the team engagement levels and the people that want to come and work in your business. Culture also influences how your employees reflect your business’ values and unique selling points (USP).
If you want to leverage your business, then without a great culture in place, leverage becomes difficult. Especially if you want a highly engaged team and highly engaged customer base.
How much money is your company leaving on the table by not standing out from the competition?
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