Ep3. Coach vs Manager vs Leader: Who is better for your business?…

There has never been a more critical time for business managers, leaders, and coaches to step up!

With the change that has being going on in the world, businesses need managers, leaders, and coaches to drive the business through times of COVID19 and uncertainty.
The question is… which role is more critical?  As a business owner, should you be focusing on coaching, managing or leading?  What is the difference?
In this episode of the Black Country Business Podcast, top UK coaches Lewis Haydon and Andy Hemming put the subject on the table and untangle what each of these titles mean—and what impact each role has on a business.
Lewis and Andy discuss the Situational Leadership model, giving you the business owner valuable tips that you can implement straight away in your business to help you create a more profitable, engaged, and leveraged business.
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