The top 2% business owners are at the forefront of business enterprise. At one point they were also growing a small business from the ground up. So what makes them different and got them to where they are today?

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A lot of people go into growing a small business with an idea of ‘something’. We find it’s very common, not because they have given up, but they forget about that ‘something’ and why they started the business. This is because they jump onto the treadmill of just getting through the day, rather than designing their dreams.

Here’s the question, when you started your business, what was it like? First of all there was excitement, and a hint of fear — and there was probably a lot of pressure going on. We had to put food on the table. We had to not look stupid in front of all the people we had told we are going into business. And, we had to prove our concept. So it was all about working hard, just trying to get something up and running. We know this takes a lot of momentum. This is the startup stage, and it’s all linked back to those goals and dreams. But the problem is they get parked because of all the effort it takes to actually prove the concept and get it working.

So when we are up and running we get then get into the growth stage. We have proved the concept, we have some money coming through the door, so not it’s all about getting better.

But the challenge here is, how much can you keep going just to get that bit better every-time. This is the tired, burnout thing where we’re doing the same thing again just for a little more development without instant return. Where is the drive?

Well it’s at this stage that it stops getting exciting because the gains don’t come fast enough. It feels like nothing is working. We start to make up stories that it doesn’t work for us. But… this is stage that really tests the business owner’s potential. This bring up the whole concept of committed to winning, or scared of losing what you already have.

So what got you started in the first place?

Did you really go through all that effort and risk just to stay where you are today?

How far could you actually go with it?

The top 2% of business owners in the world, all went through the same startup and growth stage that you are in. They make it in to the top 2% because they all share this winning, committed attitude. Remembering and following that dream each and every day. The person you are today, is not the same person that started the business… but what if you kept that dream and drive each and everyday. What’s possible for you and your business?


Be great,

Andy Hemming

(Co-authored by Lewis Haydon)