Ep 2. How to get MORE SALES into your business… WITHOUT BEING A MARKETING EXPERT!

How much money is your business leaving on the table because your marketing and sales process is not where it could be?

When we think about how to get more sales in our business, most people (and experts) would jump straight into talking about marketing to new prospects.
It has been shown that 80% of new marketing doesn’t work. So is there a better way to think about marketing?
Are you missing a trick or two for your business?
In this episode, top UK business coaches Lewis Haydon and Andy Hemming share their experience on what it REALLY takes to increase cashflow into a business. Where most would say ‘lead generation’ and ‘marketing funnels’ are the answer… Lewis and Andy break down the theory and introduce a more effective way to increase sales in any business across the West Midlands and the Black Country.
You will learn:
• More effective ways to think about your marketing—that you can implement in your business straight away.
• A new ladder model of a way you can take people that spend money with you from ‘Suspect’ through to a ‘Raving Fan’.
• Advice for how marketers can start to become more result orientated.
• Tips on how sales teams can become 10x more effective and generating higher revenue into the business.
As always, you will want to take notes of this episode as we cover a lot of extremely valuable content that will transform businesses across the Black Country.  
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