Do you spend more time thinking about what you’re bad at rather than what you’re good at?  Are you harnessing your business strengths?

Isn’t it interesting that we’ve all been taught that we’re not allowed to have weaknesses?  At school, it was drummed into us that we need to be good at everything, and as a result we’ve spent an awful lot of time focusing on what we are NOT good at!

Which is crazy really – why don’t we spend more time thinking about what we are good at, and then focus on investing the maximum proportion of our time doing those things?  What would happen to the results of our efforts if we did?

Now we all have weaknesses – and that’s OK.  Some of our weaknesses should be left alone as developing them won’t help us move forward.  The thing we need to identify is the weaknesses that prevent us from maximising our strengths – let’s call these limiting weaknesses.

Now I’m sure that if you took the time to identify your business strengths, and then also identify the weaknesses that prevent you from taking full advantage of these strengths, those limiting weaknesses would become apparent pretty quickly.

All you need to do then is work out what you need to do to remove those limiting weaknesses from your life.  That might mean a mindset shift, it may mean that you recruit someone….it may simply mean that you stop doing something, or do something differently.

What difference would you make to your performance right now if you were playing to your business strengths?