Is the path you’re heading on leading you to the goal you want?

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Ever feel like you’re going round in circles? We have all heard the definition of insanity right — doing the same things over and over again expecting a different result — right? Whether you’re a business owner or employee ( or even the best executive coach out there) it is easy to fall into the trap of just turning up to work each day and doing the same thing you do each day. However, although this may keep the business going, is this “just turning up” and doing the work you have to really moving your business in the direction it needs to be going to reach its goals? Even more so, is just turning up moving you in the right direction to achieve your personal goals?

So here’s the question…Are the things you’re doing in your business the right things to get you towards your goal?

In this article, I’m going to share with you some common mistakes people make that lead them further away from their goals as opposed to reaching goals faster. By becoming aware of these challenges, you will be able to gain the ability to catch yourself in the moment, thus be able to adapt faster. As a result, you will be able to reach your goals faster and help others in your business reach theirs faster too.

Have a Clear Defined Destination (Goal)

Being too busy is one of the biggest reasons why people don’t get anywhere. Picture this. You have a ladder that you’re climbing up, but if that ladder is up the wrong wall, all the hard work is never going to get you to where you want to go.

Answer this question – Where do you want to be? Were you able to answer this without thinking about it? Could you answer it within 5 seconds? If the answer to these are both NO, the first step is to get clear on your destination.

Now, this is critical. You see, if you can’t answer this within 5 seconds it means that your brain is not aligned to making decisions that also align with your goals. Think of it this way – Your brain is there to guide you and pick up signals and opportunities that align you with your goal. Your day is full of thousands of decisions that your subconscious mind navigates you through without you being aware. If you can’t think of that goal on the spot, then your subconscious won’t be able to either. Thus you will end up going round in circles.

It takes a split-second for your subconscious mind to make a decision. If your goal is not front-of-mind, something else will take its place.

Here’s an example… I want to run a marathon in 3 months time. I need to train for my marathon. Few hours later, “Hey Lewis, would you like to come to the pub this evening for a pint?” Brain needs to make a decision over the phone in a split second and says, “Yes, I will see you there”. No training happens that night and the goal is no closer.

This brings us on to the next part.

How Important is the Goal to You? (Priority)

How many goals do you have right now?

It’s okay to have a few goals, however remember this – The human brain works best when it is single tasking, as opposed to multi-tasking (there’s actual research on this!). So, if we pile lots of goals into the mix, all that happens is that the IMPORTANCE of those goals gets diluted.

Now you can be a master of time management and i’m pretty sure there are lots of things going on in your life also, however, the fact still stands – The more time and mental capacity you can focus on one single task, the better the result.  Where energy goes, results flow.

As I mentioned in the previous section, the more goals you have set in your unconscious mind, the less chance your brain is going to be aligned to your BIG GOAL.

So, how important is each goal to you? What is your main, BIG, master goal that will make all the difference? Which goals can you leave out or set aside for now? The better you get at this, the better you will be aligned to your goal. The better you’re aligned, the faster you will get there because it will have all your energy and focus. If you try to climb two mountains at once, you won’t get very far.

Bright Shiny Object Syndrome

Now you have that master goal — and you have removed all the none important goals, or goals that can wait — you now need to stand guard to the gateway of your mind until you have achieved your goal.

What do I mean by this? Well, as you go through the time between your goal and now, there are going to be lots of other things come into your life. Although these new ideas may spark off your imagination, the truth is most will only lead you on a path away from your goals.

Just like a magpie bird goes for the ‘next shiny object’, it’s easy to look for new interesting things. Remember though, the magpie doesn’t have big exciting goals like you have, neither are they running a business and responsible for everyone else’s success. Remember, you’re not a magpie, you’re on a mission to accomplish goals that have meaning and purpose to your life. Don’t let other things set you off track. Anything else is just a test to see if you’re really committed to accomplishing your main goal.

Uncle Billy and the Nay-Sayers

So you have just set your goal. You have removed all distractions. You’re all fired up and ready to make it happen. You go out and let the world know how you’re going to finally accomplish this lifelong dream! But… the first person you come across tells you it’s a bad idea. It turns out your uncle Billy once tried that and it never worked out for him so you would be silly to do the same.

Remember this – Your goal is personal to you. For you to arrive at that goal, it has taken every piece of experience, years of decision making, trillions of bits of data coming in from your senses, and masses of cognitive decision making to finally arrive at that meaningful goal. Your goals are personal and are there for a reason. Your motivation for your goal is never the same as someone else’s because you are unique and have your own thoughts and experiences. So why let someone else bring you down?

When I lived in Australia business coaching, they called this ‘tall poppy syndrome’. The saying comes from when a poppy grows higher than all the others, that poppy would get cut down. Don’t settle for mediocrity. Be different, be the tall poppy, go make your goal happen and prove the nay-sayers wrong.


Now I have spoken about this in previous blogs, and there is a good reason why it appears here too. You see, it is easy to turn up everyday, it’s even more difficult to stay aligned to the goals; but what if you’re doing both of these and not moving forward? Well, if we think we’re working hard but not getting the results to show for it over a certain period of time then we have to take a step back and ask ourselves, “am I really doing the right thing to get me to my goal?”

Just like the example in the first point with the ladder. Delusion is like having an exercise bike compared to a road bike; you can peddle as much as you like but you won’t get anywhere. You may be busy, but is it moving you forward.

So many times I have spoke to people in businesses that are hard workers and think they are getting closer to their goals; but, when we sit down and look at the business closely and examine the time spent, they find that the activities aren’t actually income producing or goal producing activities. For example, being busy with emails, busy with meetings that over-run, busy with marketing that doesn’t work for them, busy with sales that won’t convert.

Are You Doing the Right “STUFF”?

So how do we find out what is delusion and what is not?

Well, we test and measure. First of all, decide “is this a long or short term strategy”? Then decide how long you have to measure over for it provide reliable data? Then, what data are you going to record? After measuring you can test what has worked and what hasn’t. If the data shows results that move you toward your goals (your KPI) then you know to adjust actions accordingly — you either do more of that action, or less… or none at all.

Testing and measuring is critical to moving out of the delusion trap. It is very easy for most businesses to fall into this trap and stay there for 10 years, 20 years, 30 years, 50 years! As coaches we see this all the time. It’s our job to raise awareness and to see if this is delusion — and there can be a lot of multiple things going on that is holding the company back — or if it is progress towards the business or personal goals… if so, how effectively and are there more wins to be made. Find out more about coaching and getting the best executive coach for your needs at


As I mentioned, these pointers are here to help you to become aware of the traps that will stop you and your organisation (team) from reaching their goals. I hope you now have the ability to catch yourselves when you’re falling into the traps and that you can quickly amend so you can reach your goals faster.

Oh… one last pointer. Don’t be afraid to try new things for your business that can get you to your goal faster.

More and more businesses are emerging that are full of new ideas and are not scared to try something new. It’s these businesses that will pose the biggest threat because they are prepared to keep shifting their strategy until they find out what works. Be sure to be ahead of the game by adapting first.

Now, stop reading and go make your goals happen. Drop me an email if you or your team need further guidance


Be great,