9: Communication & Behaviour. How to get what you want from every conversation using DISC profiling

Have you ever wanted to become more influential?

What would happen if you could have a conversation with someone and know exactly what words to say next based on their behaviour?
What if you could have a conversation with a sales prospect and know that you could guide to a win/win outcome?
What if you could talk to a potential employee and know that they were perfect for the role you need them for?
Sounds like something you would only hear on a magic show right? Well… no. It’s a lot more easier than you would think.
In this episode of The Black Country Business Podcast, top UK business coaches Lewis Haydon and Andy Hemming (based in the West Midlands, England) share with you the psychology of people’s communication and behaviour, and how you can harness it to get you to the income you want!
Lewis and Andy have been using DISC profiling in their coaching practice for decades. Both business coaches teach their clients how to use DISC in their business when communicating with customers and staff. The result is that business owners, managers, and their employees get faster results because communication is far more effective. 
What would your business look like if you and your employees were more effective at communication?
To your success,
Lewis Haydon & Andy Hemming
ActionCOACH Black Country
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