Right… let’s get serious about MONEY and CASHFLOW in your business!  Who would you turn to first for cash injections in to your business? The bank? Your accountant? Are you getting the best advice, fast?… If not, how much is that losing you?

Cashflow is the bloodline in your business. Without that blood (cash) flowing through your business, your business will stop! It’s the Black Country Business Podcast’s mission to help all business owners in and around the Black Country become hugely successful… so at some point we need to get down to the hard facts and talk money! 

So… to talk serious about money we have Akaash Rajput, owner of InvestGrow Financial Services on the podcast to share his experience and deliver massive value to business owners of what they should be looking out for in cash investments.

In this podcast, top UK business coach and business owner Lewis Haydon talks as the business owner and discusses financial cash investments and money with Akaash. They highlight the key pressing issues business owners face.

And… they bring up what getting the right FINANCIAL STRATEGY in place will not just save your business, but the opportunity it brings in making you more money in your business. This episode is a must for any business owner!

So… Do you have a financial strategy in your business? Reach out to Akaash via www.InvestGrowFS.com to discuss your cashflow future.


Be great,


Lewis Haydon https://blackcountry.actioncoach.co.uk